PTF News

What is PTF? 
  • Parents, Teachers, and Friends Group 
  • Meets four times a year
  • Promotes interest in Christian education within our school
  • Supports the policies of the Board of Education, pastors, and teachers
  • Raises funds and distributes proceeds for projects and activities at PLS
  • Fosters the spirit of Christian cooperation and communication among parents, children, friends, teachers, and pastors
How does our school benefit from the fundraising done through PTF? 
  • Classroom supplies (white boards, reading incentives, travel telescope)
  • Athletics (uniforms, equipment, water bottle filling station)
  • Playground equipment
  • Prairie Fire Theater (spring play put on every other year)
  • Student T-shirts
  • Back to school/new family welcome event
  • Computers, TVs
  • Transportation for reading program activities
  • Much, much, more!
Volunteer opportunities:
  • Concessions
  • Organizing fundraisers
  • Fundraising
The next PTF meeting is October 25th, at 6:30 pm in Winthrop

To view PTF Minutes, please visit the Parent Portal.

Did you know...

$4600 was earned through our Heggie’s Pizza Fundraiser in December 2017!

Thanks for your help!